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September 30


does anyone else have a fear of looking into the mirror at night?

Yes and sunken ships and sunken buildings and exploring those at night and seeing myself in a sunken mirror D8

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September 28

September 27

I don’t even know. #beachbound

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September 25

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September 23


Emma Watson is someone who Hermione would look up to

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September 21

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September 19
o look its my blog

o look its my blog

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September 18

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September 17

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September 16


The treatment of The Fault in our Stars made for only an okay movie. That being said, the book it was based on was a very BOOKISH book.  It has a lot of feelings and conversation, and takes the reader on a relatable and visual adventure.  Translating that to screen was straightforward, but made the movie location-dependent, and gave the actors a straightforward direction of how to act, and let the basic (strong, but basic) emotions of loss and helplessness that the story provides to make the film speak.  

Now that Paper Towns is in pre-production (as made more clear by the announcement of Margo’s casting) my feelings are mixed.  The same people (Fox 2000) who made TFIOS are making this movie, and already are pulling from those actors (not to discount Nat Wolff’s talent).  The difference is, Paper Towns could be made into a much more cinematic movie, not just a teen medical drama, as TFIOS was.  Unfortunately, the production company doesn’t seem to understand that teens can digest a complex movie.  All their teen flicks are just that. Textbook teen flicks. Aquamarine, Flicka, Percy Jackson, Beezus and Ramona, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and TFIOS.

Paper Towns is one of my favorite books.  I hope Fox 2000 doesn’t butcher it by painfully patronizing its teen audience.  

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